Farm Club!

Our non-working farm is home to our happy animals and as animal lovers, a dream come true for us. We encourage little guests to learn about the amazing animals we have and to develop a respect and life-long love for them; how to behave quietly around them and how to handle them with sensitivity and gentleness. Our Farm Club is provided free of charge for all guests.

Daily Farm Club gives children staying here the opportunity to join in with the everyday routines of caring for the animals with supervised hands-on experiences in a safe environment. During off peak seasons we are open for educational school and pre-school visits where children can come & learn more about our animals - there will be a charge for group visits. Simply contact us to find out the best times to come!

...friendly animals

From ponies to poultry each has their own personality and children visiting Country Ways always want to come back time and time again to see their favourites, so be warned!

Children love to learn about some of our more unusual animals, such as the alpacas, reindeer & wallabies who have very special adaptations and needs. Learning about reindeer shedding their antlers, baby wallabies growing in pouches and why alpacas are so good at protecting other livestock...

...create unique memories

The Farm is open at 10.00 every morning when you are welcome to join us for a farm experience. You will be able to meet all the animals, stroke some, help to feed some, collect eggs and learn about their care.

Our facebook page is kept up to date with new arrivals - in 2016 we welcomed baby miniature donkey Chloe, tiny pygmy goat kids, three miniature Shetland foals & our very special Wallaby joey!

...educational fun,

Our Bennett's Wallabies join us for 'breakfast time' with guests sitting on logs around them while they eat, it is wonderful being so close to them and if you're lucky our little joey will join in too!

Comet our very tame reindeer is 7 years old and loves to be fed carrot sticks, fine green beans and mushrooms - she is very sweet natured and friendly but doesn't always like to be touched.

...& wonderful experience!

With ponies, wallabies, alpaca, ducks, chickens, rabbits, reindeer, donkeys, pygmy goats & a variety of wonderful wildlife including our resident Barn Owl, there is so much around us to delight all ages.

Everyone loves getting 'hands on' for cuddles or egg hunting & sometimes helping to lead the ponies and donkeys out to the field, even the mention of mucking out gets eager offers of help!